Partners, clients and donors

Partners, clients and donors

At ADG International we are focused on HR development in the scope of financial systems and cooperatives. To diversify this expertise and to generate synergy effects, we have established long-standing strategic partnerships to cover the diverse fields of expertise many international projects require.

An important part of our international activities is the implementation of international, donor funded projects that we have been awarded through a tender process. Financing of our work by donor organizations is agreed upon on a project basis. Additionally, we also design and execute projects directly for individual clients.

Among the international donor organizations, we have worked with are:

Alliances and strategic relations

What does strategic partnership mean to us? Working jointly with a complementary partner on a constant basis and developing common long-term strategies instead of setting up new consortiums on a single- projects basis. Depending on the project scope, we work in close cooperation either with partners from the cooperative sector, or with an internationally well-established consultancy.

We have close relationships with several institutions. However, most cooperative activities are realized three the following two organizations:

DGRV - Die Genossenschaften

Along with the German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation (DGRV), we work in Africa and Latin America assisting the cooperative sector of the respective countries. While DGRV focuses among other issues on regulation, audit, and further association tasks, ADG covers anything related to HR development.



The International Confederation of Popular Banks (CIBP), an alliance of cooperative central banks worldwide, works together with ADG providing HR development services for CIBP members. This cooperation has led to the development of an international leadership program for higher management of cooperative central banks called LINK which has been in place since 2007.


AFC - Agriculture & Finance Consultans

Our main strategic partner in international donor financed projects is AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants. Together, we have implemented over 70 projects in the fields of micro and SME finance, agricultural finance, mobile payment systems and so on since 2007.