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Practitioner’s labs

ADG Practitioners’ Labs are interactive and practice-oriented trainings that enable you to identify concrete pain points in your organization and develop a strategic road map on how to navigate current challenges that hold your organization from achieving organizational as well as personal goals. An intensive one-week program in Montabaur, Germany is accompanied by a preparation and a follow up phase. A personalized learning cloud organizes, clusters and customizes the training material according to your own learning habits. It provides a reliable and integrated solution to access this content before, during and after the training.

Discover ADG’s Practitioner's Leadership Lab

You, as a leader in microfinance, face many challenges due to environmental complexity, uncertainty and constant change. While a “good leader” adapts quickly to changing external and internal conditions, it is critical to simultaneously focus on long-term goals. To navigate this continuum, you are required to integrate your organization’s strategy, leadership style, and human resource development practices. Guiding you to achieve this integration will be at the heart of ADG’s Practitioners’ Leadership Lab.

Typical challenges include:

  • Ambitious growth targets
  • Changing legal requirements and external expectations
  • Adequate internal decision-making structures and committed staff
  • Talented and qualified staff
  • Sufficing investment capital
  • Effective communication

Attend ADG’s Practitioner's Leadership Lab

If you want to develop practice-oriented solutions for your organization, ADG’s Practitioner's Leadership Lab is exactly what you are searching for. It will allow you to try out and utilize a broad range of tools that facilitate effective leadership.

PLEASE NOTE: ADG International offers a fully virtual leadership lab

Discover ADG’s Practitioner's Lab on MSME Finance

MSMEs are one of the strongest drivers to advance economic development in emerging markets. Yet, access to finance continues to be a critical barrier to growth for MSMEs. Given their huge potential, responding to the financing needs of MSMEs needs will automatically have a positive effect on a financial institutions’ performance as well the development of the respective country.

Your financial institution needs a clear and concise strategy based on deep market knowledge, understanding of your business clients’ needs and challenges in order to effectively provide MSME-specific products and services. Very often however financial institutions develop a generic rather than such a concise and clear strategy.

Typical shortfalls in MSME finance strategy development include:

  • Insufficient market knowledge
  • Lack of qualified staff
  • Contradicting business strategy
  • Inadequate products and services
  • Slow internal processes
  • Ineffective risk management
  • High staff turnover

The annual ADG’s Practitioner's Lab on MSME Finance targets professionals from financial institutions with an existing MSME portfolio who wish to consistently develop their strategy through overcoming these challenges in their financial institutions.

Attend ADG’s Practitioner's Lab on MSME Finance

If you want to develop practice-oriented and effective solutions for your financial institution to drive your MSME portfolio, ADG Practitioner's Lab on MSME Finance is exactly what you are searching for. It will provide you with hands-on guidance how to develop your MSME finance strategy which addresses your clients’ as wells as your institution’s needs and challenges.

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