Education finance lab

Education finance lab

Education is key to reduce poverty and inequality and to increase prosperity and livelihood of poor people around the world. Yet millions of children cannot access quality education and therefore are stripped of opportunities to leave poverty. One major reason for the lack of access is inadequate funding available to parents allowing them to send their children to school and to school owners in order to invest in quality education.

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ADG’s education finance lab can unlock the market potential which lies in the private education sector by providing participants with expertise and knowledge on education finance products as well as guidelines and methods how to interact with clients in this specific market. It provides a sound foundation for staff members allowing them to significantly increase portfolio growth by managing associated risk efficiently.

ADG’s education finance lab follows the proven "Head, Hand, and Heart" approach to adult education, linking the technical expertise (head) with the capability (hand) and motivation (heart) to induce long-lasting change. 

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The education finance lab covers 5 essential topics essential for catering education finance products to clients and for managing associated risks efficiently:

  • Importance of education and education finance
  • Understanding and communicating with clients of education finance products
  • Product specifications and evaluation of school fee loans + case study
  • Product specifications and evaluation of school improvement loans + case study
  • Loan monitoring and delinquency management of education finance products

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