How ADG-International's
products help your organization navigate change and identify solutions

Productivity is related to the induvial set of competencies of each team, however also deeply rooted to the framework conditions provided of which leadership is of extremely high influence.

ADG-International’s various solutions on leadership aim at supporting your staff navigate these challenges:

Our web-based training (WBT) provides the participants with tools, fresh perspectives, and impulses, as well as practical knowledge to boost their leadership skills and thereby reach ambitious personal as well as organizational objectives. The personal learning journal, which is part of the self-study course, serves to guide and inspire participants in their personal reflection on the individual leadership style. Therefore, participants can smoothly incorporate learnings into their daily working routines.

ADG's leadership WBT follows a modular character which allows participants to combine their participation with work responsibilities. That is, the course is split into five different modules, which can be purchased both as a complete package and as stand-alone modules.

The following link guides you to our learning platform which provides you with freely available demo versions on our (leadership) products.

ADG’s virtual leadership lab allows participants to further deepen their leadership skills and internalize them in their daily actions as a leader. It combines the self-paced WBT with expert inputs via webinars, coaching sessions via video calls, or peer-exchange via video meetings.

To get more information on ADG’s virtual leadership lab, please click here.