ADG International in the world | News from a project in Cameroon

Access to financial services (i.e. the share of adults with a bank and/or a mobile account) is limited to 55% of the population in Cameroon – the focus country of the study. While it has been increasing in the last years – particular due to the emergence of mobile and digital finance solutions – the increased access is however still largely limited to urban areas. In rural areas around 75% are either fully excluded from financial services or have only access to unreliable and costly informal sources.

ADG International will evaluate the current situation of credit cooperatives in Cameroon and will provide recommendations how their potential can be fully tapped in order to improve the access to finance. In collaboration with ADG Scientific, the Center for Research and Cooperation, ADG International will provide global best practices in terms of regulatory aspects of cooperative banking. ADG International will build here on Germany’s 150 year-old successful history of cooperative banking as well as on ADG’s global network with cooperative systems in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The results of the study will be presented in a workshop in Yaoundé to policy makers from West and Central Africa, formulating concrete and effective changes in the cooperative banking sector in Cameroon and beyond with the aim to improve the financial situation of the local population.