Meet the Team

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Isabelle Katthagen

Director ADG International
Phone: +49 2602 14-276
Skype: ikatthagen-fsd

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    Isabelle Katthagen is Director of ADG International at the Academy of German Cooperatives. She manages all activities of ADG on an international level and supervises the implementation of projects focusing on human resource development, strategic HR, innovative capacity 
    building programs, and training.

    Isabelle is responsible for the continuous development of the product portfolio of ADG International, bringing in her on-the-ground experience, gained through a vast number of long-term and short-term expert assignments.

    In carrying out her leadership responsibility, Isabelle guides, challenges, and supports the development of each of the team members, unlocking the potential that lies in each one. A
    philosophy, that guides her when preparing, designing, and implementing capacity building measures for clients – the solution lies within each one, she sees herself as a mere facilitator to unlock it. 

Abbad El-Rayyes

Project Manager
Phone: +49 2602 14-133
Skype: abbadelray

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    Abbad El-Rayyes is a project manager at ADG International, managing international technical assistance projects in the fields of SME, Agricultural and Green Finance as well as Human Resource Development in South-eastern Europe, the Middle East and in Subsaharan Africa.

    In addition to his project management activities, he is responsible for the design and implementation of Training-of-Trainers (ToT) for experts deployed in projects under the
    management of ADG. Abbad is in charge of preparing, designing and implementing capacity building measures for bank employees, small businesses and smallholder farmers.

    By implementing ADG training standards in the projects, Abbad ensures that the real needs of the training participants are addressed and that the sustainable success of all training
    measures in the projects are guaranteed.


Anna Müller

E-Learning Expert
Phone: +49 2602 14-9817
Skype: anna.mueller_adg

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    As E-Learning Expert at ADG International, Anna Müller is responsible for the instructional
    design of sophisticated E-Learning modules, aiming to sustainably enhance the participants‘ knowledge. The conception, production and implementation of various digital learning
    programmes at international level are part of her primary duties. These digital training
    formats include webinars and web-based trainings which can be both – individual solutions as well as off-the-shelf programmes. Script writing, storyboard authoring and the development of instructional videos comprise her responsibilities as E-learning Expert. Besides, Anna is the contact for administration of online courses within ADG International's Learning Management System.

Denise Barke

E-Learning Expert
Phone: +49 2602 14-7872
Skype: denise.barke

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    Denise Barke is an expert for E-Learning and Blended Learning at ADG International. She is
    responsible for the development of methodological-didactic learning concepts and the
    production of superior learning media on an international level.

    Denise is in charge of the design of customised training formats matching the participants’ needs to continuously expand their knowledge and competencies. Her daily tasks include the production of web-based training, the development of scripts, storyboards and learning videos as well as the creation of graphics and illustrations.

    Next to content development, Denise is also responsible for the administration of online
    courses in ADG International’s learning management system. In addition, Denise is responsible for training in the field of Blended Learning. 

Dr. Elisabeth Niendorf

Project Manager
Phone: +49 2602 14-213
Skype: elisabeth.niendorf

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    Dr. Elisabeth Niendorf is a project manager and certified trainer at ADG’s international
    department. In her role as a project manager, she prepares and implements financial sector projects focussing on human resource development and training. In her role as a trainer, she designs, develops, and implements innovative capacity-building programs (both physical and digital) focusing on topics such as leadership or change management.

    Elisabeth brings in her profound technical expertise for the development of new ADG International products in various fields such as Leadership, Resilience, or Change Management.

    Elisabeth is responsible for preparing and implementing scientific research projects that
    provide practice-oriented recommendations for policy makers as well as different groups of stakeholders. Additionally, Elisabeth teaches courses in international management and entrepreneurship for students of ADG’s Business School.

Elena Urióstegui

Project Manager
Phone: +49 2602 14-9880
Skype: Elena.adg1

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    Elena Urióstegui is a project manager, short-term expert and certified trainer at ADG International.

    Elena has long-standing experience in cooperative development and cooperation, especially with cooperative partners in Latin America where she develops on-side and off-side consulting and trainings. The projects in Latin America aim to fortify cooperatives through capacity
    building and by settling structures for a systematic HR development or a training academy.

    Furthermore, Elena takes care of international training activities / technical visits from
    international partners in Germany.