Training of trainers

ADG’s virtual training of trainers program 

The virtual training is designed for:  

Professionals who are entrusted with the development and implementation of seminars, workshops and trainings or who want to work in these areas in the future. 

Implementing learner-centric and motivating trainings 

The Virtual Training-of-Trainers (ToT) Program, lays the foundation for being a professional trainer pursuing a learner-centric and motivating approach. Trainings are often over-filled with technical content, whilst participants continue to struggle transferring this technical knowledge into practice. That is why the Virtual ToT Program follows the proven “Head, Heart and Hand” approach to adult education, linking the technical expertise (head) with the motivation (heart) and capability (hand) to induce long-lasting change. Participants learn how to develop and conduct effective and interactive trainings and get to know methods that capture their participants attention even for seemingly “dry topics”. Moreover, participants learn how to achieve real learning progress in both face-to-face and virtual training situations.  

Benefit for 

Participants will benefit from up-graded training and facilitation skills through: 

  • Exploring a wide range of topics related to adult education together with like-minded peers and experienced trainers, 
  • Experiencing innovative training techniques and methodologies during interactive web-based training modules and live webinar sessions, 
  • Improving presentation, moderation and training skills through practical training sessions and group work, 
  • Accessing high-quality learning content on ADG’s visually attractive learning platform.  

Benefit for financial
institutions/ training institutes 

As a financial institution you benefit from an increased competence of your internal trainers 

  • due to the capacity to internally implement high-quality and needs-based qualification measures. 
  • As a training institute you benefit from the increased competence of your trainers 
  • due to the capacity to offer high-quality, innovative and learner-centric learning formats that focus on practical relevance for your institute’s customers. 

Method and content 

The program consists of 6 modules where each module encompasses:  

  • a self-study phase (web based training), and 
  • an in-depth and intensive webinar (live). 

Get in touch with us to discuss a program that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs! Web-based trainings are offered through ADG’s user-optimized learning platform that provides access to relevant learning material as well as additional literature. Webinars are organized in groups of max. 15 participants. Each webinar is implemented in an interactive and learner-centric manner that builds on active engagement of participants. 

With such a combined approach not only technical training competence is being conveyed, but also digital affinity of participants is sensitized.

Your trainers  

Our ToT trainers have long-standing experience from different sectors and regions. What they all have in common is a practical and business-oriented mind-set as well as a solution-oriented approach for their trainings. Get in touch with us and we will identify together a trainer team that exactly matches your organization’s needs. 

Your contact person 

Any other questions? We are happy to answer them, please get in touch with us. 

Abbad El-Rayyes

+49 2602 14-133