ADG’s virtual leadership lab

In today’s dynamic business environment organizations face unprecedented challenges in dealing with continuous change. In such an ever-changing environment, the productivity of each organizational member counts for a sustainable development of the organization. Positive team dynamics can leverage this effect! ADG’s Virtual Leadership Lab helps your organization to navigate change and identify solutions by developing the leadership skills of your executives as well as mid-level managers. 

ADG’s Virtual Leadership Lab is not yet another lecturer program presenting theoretic approaches in misfit with realities on the ground. We focus on jointly developing practical solutions that enable participants to better cope with change and master their individual leadership challenges. During the Lab, we will practice how to implement effective leadership tools and expand participants comfort zone with respect to their leadership practice.  Through completing this program, participants will elevate their leadership skills to upgrade team performance and client satisfaction.  

Boosting leadership skills for organizational success 

The quality of leadership performance is among the most important determinants for organizational success, learning, and innovation. This is especially true when change is rather the rule than the exception. In such a setting, organizations need courageous, far-sighted leaders who can guide their teams through change and prepare their organization for the future, without losing sight of the human factor in their interactions. 

Becoming a leader is a complex and highly individual process – at times, a journey with unexpected routes. ADG’s Virtual Leadership Lab provides participants with tools, fresh perspectives, and impulses, as well as practical knowledge that they will need on their journey to reach their personal objectives as well as the objectives of your organizations.  

ADG’s Virtual Leadership Lab takes an integrated approach consisting of  

  • self-learning (via web-based trainings),  
  • expert inputs (via webinars),  
  • coaching (via video calls) and,  
  • peer-exchange (via video meetings). 

The Lab is designed in a modular way to ensure that your staff will not have to be away from work for several days. Rather we have prepared interactive and practical sessions of approx. 2-3 hours as well as web-based training modules that can be worked on according to participants own preferences and schedules.   

ADG’s Virtual Leadership Lab takes 8 to 11 weeks, depending on the individual needs of your organization. We can tailor our program to your specific needs within 3 weeks. Get in touch to discuss the details! 


Option 1: 

Purely self-paced web-based training consisting of 12 modules with a total learning time of approx. 8 hours

Option 2: 

Digital training program consisting of 5 topics (total learning time: 42hrs + time needed for individual and group assignments) 

  • 12 web-based training modules with a total learning time of approx. 8 hours 
  • 9 webinars (approx. 30 hours) 
  • 2 guided peer-to-peer coaching sessions
  • Peer exchange (via video meetings; individual time scope) 
  • Group size: Max. 15 - 20 participants 


This virtual leadership lab will allow participants, together with like-minded peers and international practitioners, to explore a wide range of leadership topics. 

  • Fresh ideas and impulses to differentiate leadership from management tasks  
  • Practical tools for motivating themself and others  
  • Refinement of delegation and performance management skills 
  • Introducing peer-to-peer coaching methodology to unlock the collective wisdom in your organization 
  • A well-structured and visually attractive learning platform that provides
    access to high-quality learning content. 

Target Audience & Level of Expertise 

Executives and mid-level managers  
Language: Participants require a good command of English 

Target Audience & Level of Expert

Key learning outcomes

After participating in the Virtual Leadership Lab, participants will be having: 

  • Re-evaluated their role as a leader 
  • Improved their leadership and communication skills 
  • Revitalized team dynamics and improved team performance 
  • Deepened their knowledge of leadership

Why attending this course? Why choose us? 

  • Superior content prepared by industry experts  
  • Highly experienced trainers  
  • Interactive training approach  
  • Modular learning concept to combine daily work with professional development 
  • High-value certificate from a prestigious academic institution 

ADG’s virtual leadership lab 

Module 1: What is leadership? 

  • Introduction to leadership in the business context 
  • Leadership culture and values in your organization 
  • Purpose and motivation for yourself and others 
  • Your role as a leader 

Module 2: Working with others 

  • Empower your team (team building and team dynamics) 
  • Delegation and decision making 
  • Change Management 

Module 3: Communication and feedback 

  • Effective communication 
  • Feedback and feedforward for continuous improvement 

Module 4: Peer-to-peer coaching 

  • Peer-to-peer coaching methodology 
  • Supervised peer-to-peer coaching sessions 

Module 5: Boosting performanc

  • Appraisal meetings 
  • Individual and team performance 

Your trainers  

We have an international pool of leadership trainers with long-standing experiences from different sectors as well as all geographical regions. What they all have in common is a practical and business-oriented mind-set as well as a solution-oriented approach for their trainings. Get in touch with us and we will identify together a trainer team that exactly matches your organization’s needs. 

Your contact person 

Dr. Elisabeth Niendorf 

Ms. Niendorf has a doctorate in economics and extensive experience in international technical cooperation projects. As a Project Manager for ADG International, she designs, develops, and implements capacity building programs and manages financial sector projects focusing on human resource development/management and training. Her research interest focuses on topics such as leadership challenges in hybrid organizations, social entrepreneurship and social business models, and the role of microfinance in SME promotion and poverty reduction.  

Dr. Elisabeth Niendorf

+49 2602 14-213