Education finance

Education finance

ADG’s Virtual EduFinance Lab is designed to achieve real transformative change. Trainings are often filled with technical content and yet participants struggle to transfer this knowledge into real change. That is why the Virtual EduFinance Lab follows the proven“Head, Heart and Hand” approach to adult education, linking the technical expertise (head) with the motivation (heart) and capability (hand) to induce long-lasting change.

ADG’s Virtual EduFinance Lab addresses the “head” through its 8 eLearning modules. Experience shows that just to know what EduFinance is, does not result in providing a better service to EduFinance clients. Participants’ commitment and motivation is key to success.

ADG’s Virtual EduFinance Lab addresses the “heart” in 6 webinars including the well proven change-in-mindset impact. The webinars facilitate reflection and exchange on technical content, ensuring participants’ personal engagement with the objectives of EduFinance.

Webinars and eLearning modules provide ample time to apply learnings into practice. Elaborate case studies and scenarios address the “hand”, ensuring that participants successfully provide financial services to parents, students and school owners in their community.


Option 1:

Purely self-paced web-based training with a total learning time of approx. 6 hours

Option 2:

Digital training program consisting of 3 topics (total learning time: 19hrs + time needed for individual and group assignments) 

  • 8 web-based training modules with a total learning time of approx. 6 hours
  • 6 webinars (approx. 13 hours), i.e., importance of education and education finance 
    • Understanding of the specific customer segment of Education Finance products (incl. communication and sales aspects)
    • School fees loans (including interactive case-study)
    • School improvement loans (including interactive case-study on cash-flow based lending for schools)
    • Loan monitoring and managing portfolio concentration
  • peer-exchange (via video meetings; individual time scope)
  • Group size: Max. 30 participants 

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