Agricultural finance

Agricultural finance

This course aims at providing participants fundamentals of agricultural finance that are necessary for professional handling and management of agricultural clients and agricultural finance products of your microfinance institution or partners. It consists of a variety of learning elements and techniques e.g., learning videos, quizzes, scenarios, interactions, and images. This method mix allows the learner to indulge in an interactive set-up and provides him/her with the ideal didactic approach. The learning time is about four hours.

This course currently covers 4 modules, described below.

Agricultural financing of primary production

Module 1: Basics of Agricultural Finance

  • Seasonality
  • Types of financing
  • Agricultural Value Chain AVC

Module 2: Strategies of Agricultural Finance

  • AVC Analysis
  • Client approach and business models
  • Processes and procedures within the institution
  • Partnerships and business linkages

Module 3: Appraisal and Risk Management

  • Risks and risk mitigation
  • Financial reports
  • Collateral
  • Monitoring

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