Digital training services

Digital training services

Responding to the need and efficient application of digital learning and training formats, we have been enriching our training offer with digital elements including webinars and web-based trainings (WBTs). Moreover, we have gradually been building a portfolio of fully digitalized trainings that is presented in the following sub-pages. 

Making use of synchronous (live) as well as asynchronous (self-study) elements such as webinars and WBTs, we are continuously developing a digital training portfolio in which we offer our customers individual solutions as well as off-the-shelf learning programmes for immediate training needs.

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Our digital formats follow, in any case, a compact and modular concept. This means that we offer learning times of not more than 10 hours for one WBT, conveying the basics of a subject with the option and intention to intensify on certain aspects of the subject for a specific group of learners. With this modular concept we are ready to adapt our programmes to the specific learning targets our customers want to accomplish for the staff in their institutions. Truly achieving the intended learning outcomes and creating impact has been the centre of our training activities for decades. Thus, also in our digital training formats we are putting maximum attention on didactics and learning design. Making use of state-of-the-art digital learning tools and of more than 50 years of training experience for financial institutions we are now creating digital training programmes that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries and limitations of digital and online training.

Our team of digital training experts is constantly developing new programmes for project assignments or direct mandates as well as for our off the shelf digital training portfolio.

ADG International learning platform

To ensure technical and design excellence as well as maximum adaptability to our clients individual needs, we have developed our own learning management system (LMS) which is based on our server in Germany. 

You are invited to take a look at our LMS, where you will find a selection of free demo versions available to gain some more insights into our digital training offer.  

By the way: While creating digital learning formats we also advise our customers on the development of their own learning management systems.

If you are looking to conduct an individual training programme specific to your needs, we are happy to connect with you. 

And now: Please feel free to explore some of our offered programmes in the following sub-pages.