ADG International
- At a glance

Our goal is to enable people to grow, shape and lead companies and organisations to reach their objectives. In our capacity building formats we provide participants with tools, fresh perspectives, and impulses, as well as practical knowledge to boost their skills and competencies.

ADG International is transferring experience of over 40 years in strategic personnel/HR and organisational development as well as training from the German cooperative sector to the international level.

We do not rest on our history but rather are constantly adapting and transforming our training portfolio to keep it relevant, impactful, and continuous. We blend digital courses with live in-person and virtual learning to grow people.

What we do

We work directly with partners from the cooperative, the microfinance, and the banking sector. Our training and learning formats target todays and tomorrows’ leaders and specialists of cooperative banks, international cooperative associations, international donor organizations and its beneficiaries, as well as financial institutions from the microfinance and commercial banking environment.

What we offer and how we work

Our work is based on strong personal values and principles.

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Key facts

  • Internationally experienced in-house staff working as project managers and facilitators/experts/consultants in project implementation.
  • Pool of 800+ national and international experts.
  • More than 10 years of international and over 40 years of national experience in HR- and capacity building services.
  • Strategic organisational development consulting.
  • Technical topics such as Agricultural Finance or SME Finance.
  • Tailor-made HR development worldwide.
  • Skills and competency development in areas such as Leadership, Change Management or Resilience.

Partners, clients and donors

At ADG International we are focused on HR development in the scope of financial systems and cooperatives.

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