"Succession Planning and Workforce Development” Peer Learning Workshop

On behalf of Microfinance Center Warsaw ADG-International conducted a “Succession Planning and Workforce Development” Peer Learning Workshop for Human Resources Managers of Eastern European Microfinance Institutions (March 24-25, 2017).

The participants developed approaches to deal with:

  • Recruiting of suitable staff
  • Succession Planning for CEO- and for Regional-/Branch Manager-PositionRetention Management/reduction of high fluctuation
  • How to achieve high staff motivation

The pictures attached provide some impressions on the outcomes.

The exchange between peers in the field of Human Resource Management also reconfirmed what we had found before in other Microfinance Institutions: that the strategic function of HRM is often precariously underestimated. Senior management sometimes ignores the key role of HRM functions and is thus unintentionally promoting “Operational Risks” e.g. in terms of fluctuation on Management Level”. The role of HRM for small/medium (MF)Institutions has to be put high on the agenda in the MFI industry..