Study tour of an Ethiopian delegation

The cooperative idea is expanding worldwide. In Ethiopia, the number of cooperatives is steadily growing counting currently more than 79,000 primary cooperatives. This trend comes along with multiple challenges for cooperative capacity building and training programs in the country. 

Since Europe, especially the Netherlands and Germany, have a long history in cooperative development and particularly in operating specialized training centers for cooperatives, an expert team from Ethiopia opted to visit both countries with the aim to take home good practices and lessons learned.

The Ethiopian delegation, composed of representatives from Ethiopian government and the cooperative training academy Ardaita ATVET College, was received by ADG from March, 19th to 22nd, 2017. Besides fruitful discussions on trainings center management and training implementation at ADG, the group had the chance to visit the regional academy in Forsbach and the cooperative bank VR Bank Bergisch Gladbach in Rösrath. After three days of intensive exchange in Germany, the delegation headed to the Netherlands to learn more about the Dutch cooperative system and training.

ADG International has been supporting Ardaita ATVET College in Ethiopia since 2014.

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