7th Convention on Co-operative Banks: Co-operative banks: looking ahead to drive societal and economic growth

The European Association of Co-operative banks (EACB ) biennial conference, a landmark event for co-operative banks at European and international level, on Tuesday 28th March 2017 at the Representation of the State of Hessen to the European Union, Brussels, will gather senior decision and policy makers from public authorities and the private sector to discuss how regulatory and technological developments are affecting the cooperative banks model as key drivers of local economic and sustainable growth and how cooperative banks are successfully adapting to a changing landscape. Reflections on the future of Europe will also be addressed.

In dialogue with policy makers, regulators, market participants and academics the following questions will be debated. How is the current regulatory framework affecting co-operative banks? How can they continue playing their key role in funding the local and regional economy?

What are the policy recommendations for integrating the co-operative specificities in the international rules? How are co-operative banks adjusting their proximity and members engagement in the context of digitalisation? What are the challenges and opportunities ahead? What is the future for Europe in a changing context with important questions on the table?

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