ADG-International provides highly professional consulting services to serve in the development and strengthening of financial sector and systems around the world. Additionally, the long tradition as providers of Human Resources Development services in the German Cooperative sector, allow us to bring to the international field all the expertise that has been build over the years, and create a completed portfolio of consulting services.

        ADG-International’s consulting offer comprehend especially:

          • Consulting in the field of Human Resource Development and Management
          • Support in developing and establishing (Bank) Training Centers
          • Implementation of Risk Management Systems in MFI´s and banks
          • Consulting in the field of Internal Audit
          • Consulting in SME finance
          • Consulting in agricultural finance

          These services are provided by ADG-International solely as well as together with internationally experienced experts and  oftentimes in cooperation with national and/or international partner institutions on a global scale. In this regard, ADG-International has successfully built up a proven track record, including projects in Asia and East Europe, and increasingly in Africa and Latin America (See the Projects section for details)